To be the world’s leading Muslim tourism source.


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    Cater to the needs of Muslim travelers (halal food, muslim-friendly hotels & tours).

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    Enable Muslims to travel in comfort, with ease and without any worries.

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    Support Muslim businesses through close working relationship.

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    Integrate da’wah into our products and services.


Alhamdulilah, we started off as TripAsia Tours, pioneering the growth of Muslim tourism for Phuket & Krabi. In 2016, we rebranded ourselves as SafarTrips as a platform to enhance Muslim tourism to a higher level, in shaa Allah.

Your Trip Buddies

Being Muslim travelers ourselves, we understand the needs and concerns of our fellow travelers out there. Count on us to be your reliable trip buddy!


Having been in the tourism industry for more than 10 years now, it helps us understand the growing demand of Muslim tourism.


We had the privilege of serving clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, United States, Austria, Turkey, Japan and many more.

Hospitality/VIP Management

We have been entrusted by our clients to handle hospitality/VIP management in a number of conferences such as ASEAN Young Food Entrepreneurs 2015, The Straight Path Conference 2015 & 2016, Marriage Conference 2015 & The Daily Reminder Conference 2015.


Muslim-Friendly Travel Packages

Specialized Islamic Retreats

Flight & Hotel Bookings

Customized Packages

Corporate Retreats

Hospitality/VIP Management Services


  • Special thanks to Rizal Mohd for the best arrangement on our short getaway & also the extra mile service to get the special package deal on De Coze Boutique Hotel even though it is not in your original hotel listing. And the special map that includes all the best food, deal and information which makes our trip a marvelous experience not to be forgotten!!! Especially ‘Ghadafi Briyani’ it’s superb da deeehhh..!!

    Raiezal Ros Singapore
  • A meticulous agency that aters to your ideal holiday. I would like to thank them, especially Rizal Mohd for the awesome package throughout my stay. He’s there for assistance whenever you need.

    Kamal Ismail Singapore
  • Salam Rizal, On behalf of my parents and mum-in-law, I would like to sincerely express our gratitutde for the excellent service and hospitality. My first overseas trip with my newborn and parents was an excellent experience, all thanks to you. Your patience and adaptability in acceding to our requests was greatly appreciated. Indeed, it was a superb choice by my brother to engage you, not just as a guide but also a brother and a son to my parents. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I highly recommend Rizal and his team, be it to young couples or those with young kids and elderly. Thumbs up!

    Nurhuda Binte Yusoff Singapore
  • Alhamdulilah, home sweet home for us. Thanks again for making our family vacation a memorable and awesome one. The useful map may be easily available but the fact that there’s an inclusion for salaah times, that really makes a difference! May Allah bless you..

    Mariani Hamli Singapore
  • Thanks for your service! Really helpful in guiding me and my group of friends for our virgin trip to Phuket. We were very particular about getting halal food and the information provided, along with the customized map, was very helpful indeed. Will definitely give a go again and engage them. Everything was settled prior to arrival and the fact that there are no hidden charges, thus it was hassle free. Thanks Rizal!

    Hasif Odin Singapore
  • Thanks Rizal Mohd for the awesome tour package! It’s a great place for honeymoon…would ome back for more!! Soon, very soon!! Thanks a lot yaw!!

    Muhammad Rafiuddin Samat Singapore
  • For the second time, we could never thank bro Rizal Mohd enough for his hospitality and flawless arrangement.... from the moment we arrived till our safe departure. Top notch service and awesome food. You've got eight thumbs up from us this time. Love from us and hope to see you again...Insyaallah

    Ita Abidin Singapore
  • Responsible. Responsive, Real, no nonsense, hassle free, extremely flexible tour operator. May Allah S.W.T the Almighty grant you with more and more sustenance.

    Muhammad Zabid Singapore
  • Rizal could not have been more helpful. After spending much time talking to us, He personalized our trip to fit our interests! He really made us feel like he cared about providing a special time for us. We felt he "had our back" and would help if any problems occurred, which was a comfort for us. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job planning a trip. We will never forget his expertise and care. They are a great travel agency. They provide a great customer service, also by mail or phone. All tours in which I took part were a very well organized and real value for money. Tours cover quite a lot of attractions so you can really see true Phuket. Tour guide was really helpful and friendly and very knowledgeable in the whole trip. Plans were executed as planned and on time. At the end of trip I would say good food, enjoyment at sightseeing and enough rest made us never tired. I would recommend this travel agency.

    Abu Hassan Empire Singapore
  • Many thanks to Brother Rizal from Trip Asia, and Uncle Sanusi who owns and runs Ghadafi Restaurant in Phuket for taking me around to a dozen Masaajid and introducing me to the Muslims of Phuket. Take advantage of their services as they work to provide halal food and fun for tourists!

    Sheikh Daood Butt Canada
  • Thanks to Rizal Mohd for the efficient, well organized and GEMS (going extra mile service) who personally help us a lot during our stay.

    Omzz Din Singapore
  • Hey bro, I just wanna say a massive thank you for making our last minute plan to Phuket. Really much appreciated indeed. Even though bro Rizal wasn’t there with us, me and my cousin managed to get him through WhatsApp for the wonderful plan and information that he gave to us. We really enjoyed and are satisfied, no regrets. I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Thumbs up!

    Rudy Singapore
  • Hey Rizal Mohd!! Would like to thank you so much for everything, everything went well, we were very happy with the service you provided, will fully recommend to people and in shaa Allah, we will engage you again in future. Once again thank you so much and appreciate it a lot..

    Muhammad Faisal Singapore
  • Salam Rizal Just thought we would let you know how impressed we were with you and Quest. Thank you so  much for all of your work to make it such a great experience for us, 24 Pte Ltd. Thank you again for acceding to our last minute requests and being patient to our queries before, during and even after the trip. Every part of the trip was wonderful – the accommodation, food service and especially the team bonding. All of the arrangements were flawless. Thank you so much for all your help. We really appreciated the way you organize our trip.

    Yana Singapore
  • Has helped me a lot in planning for my family trip to happen. Very prompt reply and always making sure that food and shopping is accessible for my family.

    Aisyah Singapore

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